About Døvania
Døvania is a sports club that offers sports activities in different sports (according to current interests and needs) to all deaf, hard of hearing and sign language users in Copenhagen area of all ages.

Døvania belongs to the Danish Deaf Sports Federation (DDI) together with more than 5 other deaf sports clubs from all over Denmark.

“Døvania” was founded on June 9, 1904.

To begin with, there were 4 different sports: Football, gymnastics, swimming and walking. There were 40 members. Though the time, the club has grown so much. In 2020, we can offer 10 different sports genres.

Døvania became Denmark’s biggest and oldest sports club for the deaf.

The board can be contacted at the email address: bestyrelse@dovania.dk

You can also contact us through skype. Our account is called skype@dovania.dk.

You must first send us an email and then we can together find a date for the conversation as we are not always available at skype.

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